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Imanishiki Tokubetsu JunmaiSHU

Yonezawa Brewery, nagano

"Ikunishiki Series" is a local sake from Nakagawa Village in Shinshu that can be requested throughout the year. I carefully arranged the sake bags in the sake tank and slowly squeezed every drop. It is a sake made with great energy by combining tradition and the latest technology.

A classic junmai sake refined up to 59% using all the rice from Nagano Prefecture. It is a soft and gentle drinking mouth unique to junmai.

AWARDS National Sake Awards 2020 Gold ∟ Semi-Grand Prix KuraMaster Junmai Sake Category ∟ 2020 Gold Award London Sake ∟ 2020 Gold Award CMB -SAKE selection- ∟2018 Junmai Sake Silver International Wine Challenge ∟ 2016 Silver Award / 2018 Bronze Award / 2020 Silver Award

LCBO# 296599           $TBA       Winter 2022