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Château Coupe-Roses is situated in La Caunette, little and beautiful village in Minervois, just close to the Montagne Noire (Black Mountain litterally). The vines thrive on wide limestone uplands between 250 and 400m - a suitable climate for aromas and acidity preservation. Certified organic since 2013, the wines have been noted in various wine publications and the winery was highlighted by Jancis Robinson on her article about regional wines.

Jan and Florian Thienpont are brothers who have taken over their father's domaine in Cote de Francs. The name Thienpont is quite well known in Bordeaux as they own several wine estates, including the famous Vieux Chateau Certan and Chateau Le Pin. We are proud to work with the new generation of this respected family as they present their latest wines.

Founded in 1792, Filliers is a 5 generation family distillery based in Deinze, Belgium that has been winning awards around the world for their exceptional gins handcrafted from sustainably grown fruits and botanicals in a small scale traditional distillation process. We are proud to include several of their fine gins in the new year.

The "Masseria Vigne Vecchie" organic winery is born in Sannio, in Solopaca (BN), in 2005 as an agricultural cooperative. In 2016, thanks to the love and passion for organic wine products, the winery was created by the Garofano family. Already established in modern glass business, it acquired fourteen

hectares of land intended to preserve organic farming. Therefore, create one line of organic wines called "Samnes" in an attempt to claim and make known their roots in helping to spread culture and love for their land. Which, in this case is so grateful that vine returns, every year, giving those wonderful fruits from which wine is produced. The dedication to the arts and to the literature leads to the birth of "Samnes", a novel of the same name, which tells the story of the Ancient Sannio and the origins of the Samnite Wine.

The area of Benevento, in addition to representing the place where we have the highest concentration of vines, is today full of a productive enthusiasm, thanks to new young people.

 In this context, we can find Maria Pina, Mariano and Raffaele Assini, young wine entrepreneurs with a very long family tradition. In 2003 they decided to embark on a new project called “Castelle”.

The objective of this project is to set a high value on the typical characteristics of ancient autochthonous and traditional vines of the Sannio, through modern technologies, as well as the respect of the tradition and the connection with the place of origin. The grapes, in particular Aglianico and Falanghina, selected according to accurate qualitative indicators,originate from the hills of Sannio and Castelvenere, an ancient village in the province of Benevento. Here the vine and its cultivation represent the signs of the cultural and social identity of the territory.

We believe in supporting family-run and independent producers who share our philosophy of fair trade, traditions, and respect of the land and terroir.